Newspaper Notices

Obituaries, Deaths and Funeral Notices

Back in 2011 the RTFHS was very privileged to receive a digital copy of all obituaries and death/funeral notices from the "Northern Star" from 1940 to 2010.

This range has now been increased and covers from 1876 to June 2020.

Researchers are able to search the Ryerson Index at to find the date of the newspaper that the relevant notice appeared for the person they are seeking and request a copy of this item from the RTFHS for a donation of $5.

This wonderful resource which has over 100,000 notices can sometimes give you a potted biography of the deceased person as well as the names of their children and grandchildren which can often facilitate communication with these families. This is a wonderful resource for those who are tracing regional families.

Please direct any enquiries to the Research Officer, RTFHS, PO Box 817, Ballina 2478 or via email to: