School Records

In the mid 1990s the Society decided to record all school admission registers for the Richmond-Tweed area. With the permission of the Department of Education copies of some schools admission registers were obtained and the work of recording them began. The registers of over 50 schools (some 45,000 records) have been completed. All information from the Admission Registers has been entered into an Excel spreadsheet and a master list of the 51 schools is available to search at the Marie Hart Library. A printed copy is also available on our library shelves.

The registers, both printed and on the computer, are listed alphabetically by Student Name, and contain Student Name, Date of Birth/Age at Admission, Admission Date, Previous School, Parent/Guardian Name and Address, Occupation and Religion.

Please direct any enquiries concerning these records to the Society via email:

School Admission Registers

Alstonville Public 1895-1925

Back Creek Public 1956-1963

Backmede Public 1926-1969

Bagotville Provisional 1938-1965

Ballina Infants 1925-1972

Ballina Primary 1940-1964

Ballina Primary 1960-1972

Ballina Primary 1976-1982

Billinudgel Primary 1920-1995

Blakebrook Primary 1916-1931

Blue Knob Public 1915-1965

Bora Ridge Public 1929-1974

Brickella Public 1920-1947

Brooklet Public 1925-1964

Bungawalbyn Public 1934-1965

Busbys Flat Provisional 1952-1964

Byron Bay Public 1918-1944

Cabbage Tree Isl. Aboriginal 1934-1989

Camira Creek Public 1928-1968

Cawongla Public 1913-1964

Cawongla Public 1957-1975

Chillingham Provisional 1904-1937

Clearfield Provisional 1921-1940

Crystal Creek Primary 1914-1961

Cubawee Prov. Aboriginal 1947-1965

Dobies Bight Public 1911-1964

Dyraaba Provisional 1925-1970

Eden Creek Provisional 1933-1968

Eden Creek Upper Prov. 1927-1969

Edenville Public 1918-1966

Eltham Primary 1921-1992

Empire Vale Primary 1954-1995

Ettrick Public 1922-1968

Ewingsdale Public 1937-1976

Federal Public 1918-1978

Gays Hill Provisional 1892-1914

Modanville Public 1928-1998

Nashua Public 1906-1940

Nashua Public 1934-1976

North Casino 1951-1964

Opossum Creek Public 1929-1963

Pearces Creek Primary 1920-1995

Rous Mill Primary 1892-1917

Rous Primary 1907-1971

Rous Primary 1973-1994

Rous Public 1948-1973

Ruthven Public 1915-1940

St Francis Xavier Primary 1914-1939

St Francis Xavier Primary 1930-1965

St Josephs Woodburn Primary 1915-1985

St Kevins Bangalow 1913-1971

Terania Primary 1921-1965

Teven Primary 1898-1982

The Channon Primary 1922-1970

Tintenbar Primary 1940-1980

Tregeagle Primary 1890-1971

Wardell Primary 1888-1995

Whiporie 1927-1971

Wollongbar Primary 1900-1965

Yeagerton Public 1895-1968 (includes Oakland 1895-1913 & E. Coraki 1895-1968)

Yelgun Public 1947-1964